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APC - Automatic Process Control System for Oxy-Fuel Cutting

APC - Automatic Process Control System for Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Oxy-Fuel cutting is getting now more attractive again. Automation and safety are the key factors. IHT Automation has launched its new Oxy Fuel Cutting System called APC. This allows a hassle free quality cutting with Oxy-Fuel technology.

APC is a fully automatic Oxy-Fuel Process Control System that includes the cutting torch, gas controller, torch height control and the cutting process including the cutting database.

The APC system is suitable for cutting machines for straight cut up to 300 millimetre, where piercing up to 150 millimetre is possible. The system is designed for either single torch or multi torch applications up to ten torches per cutting machine.

Many features are embedded into the system like automatic ignition, pre-heating, piercing and cutting process. Embedded cutting database, slag detection, automatic back-fire detection are also standard features.

The best Return on Investment is when the cutting cost per metre is kept low. To reach this, automation of the Oxy-Fuel cutting process is necessary. The APC System provides the best torch technology available with extraordinary features and a high level of Oxy-Fuel cutting automation.

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For more than 25 years, IHT Automation has always focused on the development of new solutions and the improvement of existing products. At its location in Baden-Baden. IHT develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of innovative partial and complete automation solutions for plasma, oxy-fuel and laser cutting machines. IHT Automation uses its know-how combined with years of practical experience to offer their customers always the right solution. Great products, excellent service and unmatched technical support make IHT Automation your ideal partner worldwide.