Important dates

Exhibition grounds Essen, Hall 1A
Commencement of stand construction
April 24, 2020, 7 am to 8 pm
End of stand construction
April 27, 2020, 7 am to 4 pm
Remaining work within the stand area until 10 pm.
Dismantling dates
April 30, 2020, as of 5 pm within the stand area; entry to the trade fair grounds as of 7 pm.
Completion of dismantling
May 2, 2020, 6 pm.
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Christoph Korb

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Michael Benger

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Detailed information for boothbuilders

Construction heights

The normal height of a stand construction is 2.5 m. This dimension corresponds to the height of the stand boundary walls available. On application and submission of stand drawings and any static calculations necessary, the fair management may permit different stand height. The maximum stand heights are:

  • 4.5 m in the halls 1A

Structural features (inspection openings etc.) may be present and must be kept accessible. In the case of a single-storey design, a distance to the neighbouring stand is not required. Advertising facing neighbouring stands must be at a distance of at least 3.00 m from them. If the prescribed distance is undershot, the written approval of the stand neighbours must be obtained and submitted to the fair management. The stands can be constructed with your own material. The stand rears must be designed in neutral white from a height of 2.50 m by the exhibitor to whom they belong so that the interests of the stand neighbours are not impaired as a result.

Hall heights/Floor loading

Please check our detailed graphic .

Stand design/Stand appearance

The exhibitor is responsible for stand design. Typical exhibition criteria of the relevant event are to be complied with. Walls adjoining visitor aisles should be made given variety by the inclusion of showcases, niches, displays, etc. It is to ensure that the stand sides on the visitor aisles are transparent and may only be closed up to max. 50 %. The rear sides of stands adjoining neighbouring stands are to be kept neutral in order to avoid impairing the appearance of the given neighbouring stand. Products manufactured by way of the exploitative employment of child labour as defined under the provisions set out in ILO Convention 182 may not be used for the construction or equipping of the stand.

Stand construction safety/Approval of stand construction

Stand construction safety:

Stands, including all equipment and exhibits and advertising matter are to be constructed with such stability as to pose no danger to public safety and order, and in particular to life and health. The exhibitor is responsible for structural safety and must provide proof of this. Upright structural elements and/or special constructions (e.g. free-standing walls, tall exhibits, tall decorative elements) that can topple over must at least be capable of withstanding a distributed load impacting horizontally qh as follows:

  • qh1 = 0.125 kN/m2 up to 4.00 m high from the upper edge of the floor
  • qh2 = 0.063 kN/m2 for all surfaces above 4.00 m high.

The respective elevation area is the reference area. The relevant verifications to be prepared are to be submitted to MESSE ESSEN GmbH in a form that can be examined. Non compliance in this respect is possible in justified individual cases whereby such non compliance must be precisely documented and verified.

Approval of stand construction:

On the assumption that the technical regulations have been observed in the design and construction of the stand, there is no requirement for submission of drawings for approval in respect of single-storey stand structures up to 2.50 m in the halls. On request from the exhibitor, MESSE ESSEN GmbH is ready to scrutinise any stand construction drawings submitted (in duplicate) free of charge. In addition, all other stand structures, mobile stands, special structures and designs are subject to approval.

Examination and acceptance of structures requiring approval:

Plans to a scale of not less than 1:100, with ground plans and elevations and with indication of dimensions, are to be submitted in duplicate to MESSE ESSEN GmbH for approval not later than 6 weeks prior to the start of set-up. Following examination, one copy of the plan shall be returned to exhibitor/stand builder bearing the stamp of authorization. Stand building is only permitted following issue of this stamp. For approval of

  • two-storey structures
  • cinemas or viewing rooms
  • structures in the outdoor spaces
  • special structures

the following documents (in duplicate) are to be submitted in German not later than 6 weeks prior to the start of set-up:

  • a) Structural calculations complying with German standards verified by a second, independent structural engineer or verifiable by same.
  • b) Building specification
  • c) Stand construction drawings on a scale of 1:100 (ground plans, elevations, sectional views), larger-scale drawings of design details.
  • d) Rescue route plan with verification of the length and width of the relevant rescue routes.
  • e) On submission of a duly stamped official inspection logbook/a type qualification, the above items a), b) and c) shall not be required.

The exhibitor/stand builder will be invoiced for the costs of the approval procedure.

Entrance into fairground via vehicle

In order to ensure that traffic flows smoothly during the set up and dismantling periods, all vehicles must leave the fairgrounds immediately after loading or unloading. Parking area P9 is available for interim parking.

Special parking rules are in force on the fairgrounds. Vehicles which are illegally parked in the fairgrounds or block access routes for the emergency services will be towed away at the expense of the vehicle driver or owner. Vehicles may be driven into the fairgrounds upon payment of a € 100.00 deposit. This deposit will be reimbursed provided that you leave the fairgrounds within the time marked on the deposit slip.

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