Deutscher Schneidkongress®

CUTTING-WORLD® with the GERMAN CUTTING CONGRESS® is a hybrid event in which the trade fair and the trade congress are interlinked and which addresses the needs and questions of the industry in a supportive and accompanying manner.

The motto of this year's DEUTSCHE SCHNEIDKONGRESS® is "Trends in the cutting industry".

There are trends that are readily and promptly picked up by a group and these go viral through the media and everyone joins in, for example the advent of smartphones. In the commercial world of the industry, trend developments are often less transparent and can therefore only be diagnosed at a late stage. Yet the timely recognition and implementation of a trend could improve the future competitiveness of a company.

When the digitalisation wave was heralded about a decade ago, many SMEs in the cutting industry still saw too few advantages for the company. Accordingly, the willingness to implement Industry 4.0 was hesitant at the beginning. But in the meantime, a rethink is emerging in the cutting market. Companies are increasingly opening up to the use of IIoT (Industry Internet of Things) and are beginning to digitalise their processes. The industry has now created a wide range of possibilities and tools to map existing production steps, even in heterogeneous production landscapes, and to digitise them in a simple way so that production statuses and process data can be evaluated and visualised in real time. This development is increasingly emerging as a trend in the cutting industry.

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April 25th - 27th, 2023

Messe Essen
Congress Center East


  • Digitalisation - Artificial Intelligence - Key Performance Indicators KPI - Economic efficiency - Data security
  • Oxyfuel cutting technology - Energy saving - Hydrogen
  • Plasma cutting technology
  • Laser cutting technology - CO2 footprint - Laser applications
  • Waterjet cutting technology
  • Shear cutting
  • Pre-processing - Deburring - Standards - Materials
  • Marketing

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