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SigmaNEST Suite V23

SigmaNEST Suite V23


The SigmaNEST Version 23 suite release zeroes in on nesting for manufacturing, delivering the ultimate user experience, and expanding the Connect Shop. SigmaNEST V23 adds powerful capabilities that not only make programming easier, but also make life easier downstream for the whole shop.
Vice President Kevin Ramirez comments: “While the goal is to optimize all available manufacturing resources, the emphasis on real world nesting based on operational processes has shown extraordinary value in compounding efficiency beyond material savings alone. Connecting your people and processes as one holistic entity transforms your ability to manage it effectively and efficiently.”

Nesting for Manufacturing
Bump for tooled punch parts, relaxed nesting for improved skeleton integrity, optimized nesting for process and NC mechanics beyond yield alone.

Delivering the Ultimate User Experience
Fewer clicks, commonly used functions “at your fingertips,” more granular control.

Expanding The Connected Shop
Deeper inter-product integrations, introducing new apps like Shop clock, Quality Manager, Data Hub.

What is new in Version 23
Visit the web page for more information: https://sigmanest.com/latest-release-whats-new


Product range

SigmaNEST - The World’s Most Advanced CAD/CAM Nesting Software

Machines and Motion at their Best

SigmaNEST advanced nesting solution offers a wide range of customizable, modular features to get the most out of your manufacturing operations.

With SigmaNEST, you can:

  • Import parts from any major CAD system
  • Automatically sort them into tasks by material and machine
  • Optimize your material usage and machine motion
  • Post programs to your profile cutting machines
  • Track your productivity from start to finish

Designed to Help Fabricators Win

SigmaNEST drives nearly every type of profile cutting, routing, or punching machine to produce premium quality parts while saving valuable material and manpower. SigmaNEST offers CAD integration, an intuitive interface, and local customer support, which sets the software apart and are all reasons why SigmaNEST is the industry leader with over 21,000 systems installed worldwide.

Machines Supported:

  • Laser
  • Plasma
  • Oxyfuel
  • Punch
  • Combo
  • Waterjet
  • Router
  • Knife
  • Multi-process
  • Multi Axis

Company profile


SigmaNEST provides manufacturing companies from the cutting industry with a scalable software solution from quoting to manufacturing to delivery. The end-to-end platform accelerates workflows using timely, accurate data for informed decision making at all times. With SigmaSUITE, our customers have a powerful tool set with the industry-leading nesting solution SigmaNEST at its core.  Part of the Sandvik Design and Planning Automation division, SigmaNEST empowers customers in all major industry sectors with a machine-agnostic approach, an integrated platform, and a worldwide team of experienced product experts.