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Products and innovations

LABJET, the compact water jet cutting machine

LABJET, the compact water jet cutting machine

The LABJET range combines the efficiency and precision of waterjet cutting in a compact format with industrial performance.

With its fixed table of useful size 1050 x 750 millimetre, the LABJET range allows the cutting of soft materials with pure water or hard materials thanks to the addition of abrasive. Entirely enclosed, it allows a work in complete safety for the operator. It is the ideal machine to meet the needs for rigour and precision for industrialists and the needs for safety and compactness for the world of training.

Company profile

The Mecanumeric Group is a guarantor for technology, combined with service proximity and reliability. We are one of the few manufacturers worldwide that has its own development department for special projects and requirements. In addition to our standard product range, we develop individual solutions in the field of CNC milling, water jet, laser and ultrasonic systems.