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We are boeck. With the latest technology and know-how, we develop and sell deburring tools for automatic and manual metalworking processes. Whether slag removal, pre-grinding, edge rounding, deburring, oxide layer removal or finish grinding, we have the right tool for your process chain.

Economical sheet metal deburring with enthusiasm factor. Whether steel, stainless steel, aluminium, galvanised or foiled sheet metal - we have a wide range of tool types and variants, the latest production technologies and know-how with which to achieve the desired functional and quality specifications on your workpiece (e.g. sheet metal housings, containers, cladding, racks).

Deburring and edge rounding is carried out using flexible abrasive tools with a high degree of adaptability to internal and external contours such as radii, bores and cut-outs. The corresponding deburring discs, deburring rollers, deburring blocks and deburring brushes are used on manual machines as well as grinding and deburring machines. The latter have, for example, planetary head systems or oscillating units for uniform processing of the edges.

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