Cutting World and German Cutting Congress Focus on Various Cutting Technologies

Bystronic, Mecanumeric and Sato Also Confirm Their Participation in the Fair

Plasma or laser cutting? What significance does oxyacetylene cutting have in Germany? What is the status of Cutting 4.0? Answers to questions like these will be given at the German Cutting Congress which will take place parallel to Cutting World. From April 28 to 30, 2020, Messe Essen will thus become the meeting place of the cutting sector. The subject areas at the congress have now already been stipulated.

For example, no fewer than several speakers will dedicate themselves to the various cutting technologies. Depending on the material type as well as on economic and qualitative aspects, both laser and plasma cutting have their advantages and thus their areas of utilization. Amongst others, Volker Krink, Development Manager at Kjellberg Finsterwalde, will compare the strengths and weaknesses of both cutting technologies. The cutting sector is registering that some end customers have lost sight of oxyacetylene cutting over time. Kurt Nachbargauer from IHT Automation will show how the perception of the oxyacetylene cutting process can be changed positively and the knowledge about this oldest of the four cutting procedures can be preserved.

In the case of Industry 4.0, the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) parameter is playing an important role. Matthias Winkelhoch from ProCom and Heinz-Joachim Schulte from the OEE Institute will explain how this key figure can be used for raising productivity and safeguarding competitiveness. Additional subjects will be, amongst others, laser cutting, laser turning, laser-compatible designing of sheet metal parts, sensor technology in the laser beam, water jet suspension cutting, deburring, organizational concepts, environmental and filter technologies as well as the retraceability of material. Visitors to the Cutting World trade fair will be able to take part in the German Cutting Congress with their fair tickets at no extra cost.

 Important Players in the Sector Are Exhibitors at the Fair

The concept of Cutting World in conjunction with the German Cutting Congress is convincing the sector. Numerous companies have now already registered for the fair in order to introduce their innovations to the trade visitors there. Klöckner and Bystronic will also be involved. Klöckner is one of the leading material traders in Germany with a wide preprocessing portfolio, amongst others, in the fields of 3D tube lasers, flame cutting as well as CNC turning, milling and drilling. With the high-performance machines for sheet metal processing, Bystronic offers comprehensive solutions from laser cutting and bending technologies right up to integrated, fully automatic fabrication systems. Cutting World will be important for both companies because of its high concentration of customers and users. Amongst others, Air Liquide Deutschland, Airco, BKE, Boschert, CNC-Step, Kohler, NUM, STM Waterjet, TriPURIS und Yamazaki Mazak will be exhibitors at the fair, too.

Exhibitors from France Also Involved

For the first time, Sato GmbH will be present at Cutting World. Philipp Gingter, Managing Director: "As one of the leading manufacturers for cutting systems, we are, with our customer-specific solutions, starting where others are reaching their limits. In matters relating to machine size, sheet metal thickness and reliability, we know hardly any limits. We see Cutting World 2020 as an optimum forum to convince the visitors of our longstanding innovative force in the fields of cutting, automation and operating data acquisition."

Mecanumeric will be the first exhibitor from France to be involved. Ricki Rohr, General Manager of Mecanumeric Deutschland: "The Mecanumeric Group is a guarantor for technology, connected with service proximity and reliability. One of the few manufacturers worldwide which possesses its own development department for special projects and requirements. In addition to our standard product range, we develop individual solutions in the fields of CNC milling, water jet, laser and ultrasonic installations. At Cutting World 2020, we will make visitors familiar with our different technologies and will be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of various cutting technologies."

Further information and registration at: www.cuttingworld.de