Technologie-Campus 1
DE 09126 Chemnitz
Mr. Markus Dittrich

Company profile

NOVAJET - Water in its most powerful shape.

Individual products made of high-performance materials require innovative manufacturing processes. However, the process requirements can often not be achieved or only with high time and cost expenditures.

NOVAJET has solved this problem with an innovative waterjet technology that has its origins in the heavy duty industry and is now being applied for industrial part production. Thus NOVAJET enables completely new fields of application.

Due to its flexible application, the suspension waterjet increases the range of industrial manufacturing processes and is therefore the basis for new, innovative products.

The NOVAJET systems technology is characterized by its significantly higher performance and precision combined with reduced energy and space requirements compared to conventional techniques. Applying a jet diameter of 0.2 millimeters, extremely filigree geometries can be produced both on conventional materials and on high-performance materials such as sintered technical ceramics, tungsten carbide or composite materials.

NOVAJET offers the best solution for every task as a plant manufacturer, research and development partner and in job order production.