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Product range

flexible storage and logistics systems

The cassette rack

The rack is loaded and unloaded using a forklift truck.
Delivers an exceptional degree of reliability at comparatively
low investment costs.
Taking up only minimal space, self-supporting
system cassettes are used in the Böckelt Tower® and for
in-house transport purposes.
When combined with software and a transponder
system, the system can be turned into a dynamic inventory
management solution.

The long goods rack

The long goods rack allows for the efficient storage
and supply of rod-shaped materials. It is possible to
combine different basic systems with a large variety
of baskets.

The exchange tower

Sporting a modular design, the exchange tower is
a storage system that can be used for the efficient
storage and supply of sheet metal plates or other
types of material. The cassette rack can be fitted on
top of the custom-designed drawer rack.
Sheet metal plates can be easily removed using an
attached easy-rolling crane with lifting apparatus.



Company profile

Since we want you to retain your competitiveness
in today’s world where streamlining is key and industrial
progress advances at break-neck speed, we offer
you concepts that are tailored to your specific needs
and designed to optimise your flow of material.
Every aspect of our robust and reliable systems has
been engineered with the most careful attention
to detail in an effort to deliver the performance you
expect in your day-to-day operations. Allowing for
rapid swaps of material, our systems cut down
tooling and non-productive times and increase the
machine uptime significantly.
When combined with managing software and a transponder
system, our solution turns into an intelligent
storage and logistics system that will allow you to
stay in full control of your inventory items and their
location at all times.
Boasting a modular design, the BÖCKELT TOWER®
will grow with the challenges you are faced with in
your business. Our partnership with formidable partners
has enabled us to expand the systems into fully
automated solutions if requirements demand it.