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Nitrogen generator for laser-cutting systems
PSAL-SN for achieving a nitrogen purity of 99.9999% (1-3 ppm residual oxygen) at an air factor of 2.9
Since 2015, we at AIRCO SystemDruckluft GmbH have been successfully providing an all-round
solution for installing nitrogen generators that is space-saving, effective and convenient.
“PSAL SN - Systems” incorporate modern platform-mounted design with our many years of
experience in the field of high-purity nitrogen generation.
Each system is mounted along with all its components on prefabricated, modular automotive skids at
our factory in Frankfurt am Main. The compressed-air treatment unit, nitrogen generator, product
vessel, nitrogen dryer, N-Kat, filter and high-pressure compressor are all fitted on identical base
After being mounted, the entire system will be inspected by our engineers as well as TÜV before un-
dergoing a break-in process. This involves thoroughly testing the system to ensure it is functioning and
sealed properly. During this step system parameters can be adjusted to meet our customer’s specifi-
cations. This allows us to commission the system at the customer’s premises in next to no time, thereby
achieving our philosophy of delivering a plug-and-play solution. Furthermore, a forklift is all it takes to
load and position the system, thanks to its compact design.
After it has been moved into place, the only thing left in the installation process is for our
trained technicians to connect the system to the customer’s compressed-air distribution network and
laser units in a professional manner. As the final step, our technicians will provide our customers with
training at their own premises so that they will be able to plan and monitor their nitrogen production
themselves in the future.